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Bharwa Rehri Wala Kulcha Available at All Locations!


Located In the east end of Brampton, we invite guests to celebrate life and share sundry blends of modern and traditional North Indian cuisine. Our goal at Punjabi By Nature is to unify our guest’s cultures and spirits with our own, expressing passion and generosity in the cuisine we share. Flavorful herbs and spices combine textures to appease broad-based palates.

Our attentive staff ensures that your entire dining experience at Punjabi By Nature is stellar from beginning to end. Each passing of our shared plates opens a new conversation around culture and tradition. Whether part of a party of fifty or a party of two, your experience throughout our elegant, yet comfortable space is eventful. We are sharing our long held traditions with a modern western twist. You will feel both close to home and apart of something new.

Traditional recipes
direct from Punjab

Each Punjabi dish will have its own different flavor and aroma which cannot come from any Curry Powder but from spices which have to be separately prepared each day afresh for each individual dish. The blending and preparation of spices is a centuries old craft and indispensable to Indian cuisine.

We guarantee meals of excellent quality and sufficient quantity, specially prepared to satisfy your taste of mild, medium, hot or very hot food. We suggest you visit us to sample different combinations of original Indian food of our vast menu to truly appreciate the unique flavors of all diverse dishes.

Punjabi By Nature can cater to any party or event irrespective of how big or small. We specialize in catering with personalized service and special menus on request. We cater an elegant and interesting cuisine with a sophisticated Indian menu. Our highlights are personalized service, radiant and hygienic restaurant, and supreme value excellent quality food.