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Tender meat cooked with rich Indian pickle spice ..
Mashed potatoes, onions and Indian spices stuffed in whole wheat dough served with butter and yogurt ..
Baked stuffed bread served with chickpeas and yogurt..
Fresh okra cooked with onions and secret spices..
Chickpeas cooked in spicy curry and served with fried leavened flat bread..
A medley of chickpeas, potatoes, and flour crisp tossed with yogurt and chutney ..
A iron hot spices with a base of ginger and garlic pepper roasted with dry masala tossed with chicken on slow fry..
Pieces of chicken stewed in an onion and tomato based sauce..
Boneless chicken breast in a mild cashew curry..
A rich spicy coconut milk mustard seeds, fenugreek dry pepper sauce tossed with chicken ..
Tandoor cooked, marinated chicken tikka in a mildly spiced, rich and creamy sauce with a hint of coconut..
Spicy Goan curry with chunks of tender chicken ..
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