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Lentil balls severed with whipped yogurt and sweet sauce..
Slow cooked lentils and mild spices finished with butter..
Yellow lentils slimmed cooked with chilly and masala sauce..
Traditional leavened Indian bread fresh baked in our tandoor with garlic bread baked in clay oven..
Grated cauliflower, onions and Indian spices stuffed in whole wheat dough served with butter and yogurt..
soft lndian style cheese balls, deep fried and soaked in sweet honey syrup..
Chickpeas cooked in spicy curry and served with whole wheatfried flat bread and halwa..
Steamed basmati rice infused with cumin..
Deep fried puris stuffed with lentils and potatoes served with chickpeas and chutney..
Paneer cooked with spice and capsicum..
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